About Us
About Us

Sanskari Decor is dedicated to promoting and celebrating Indian Culture by providing Premium Luxury Wedding Decoration Products to Wedding planners and Decorators all over the world. By doing so, we are not only showcasing the beauty of Indian Art and Design but also fostering Cultural Connections between India and other parts of the world.

Weddings are one of the most significant events in people's lives, and they often reflect the cultural values and traditions of the families involved. We recognise this and are providing products that can enhance and celebrate these important cultural traditions. Additionally, by exporting these products to other countries, we are helping to spread awareness of Indian Culture and creating a Global Platform for Cultural Exchange.

In 2018, Sanskari Decor was founded and is currently based in Mumbai, a thriving business hub and port city along the Arabian Sea. With an extensive network both in India and abroad, we are dedicated to showcasing and supporting Indian Art and Architectural Designs through the creation of Luxurious Wedding Decoration Products that are sold worldwide. This commitment to promoting Indian Values and Culture has a global impact and leaves a lasting impression on customers. In addition to empowering its in-house manufacturing team, we also supports artisans, weavers, and their families throughout India.

Our focus on quality, customer needs, and promoting Indian values makes it a great choice for those who want to incorporate traditional Indian designs into their wedding or event decor.


To contribute to Wedding Industry worldwide to promote and spread Architectural and Cultural Values of India in Indian as well as Indian Fusion Weddings.


To provide Wedding/Event Planners & Decorators, particularly those organizing fusion weddings for Indians/NRIs/PIOs residing across the globe, with Premium Luxury Wedding Decoration Products filled with Art and Architectural designs of India which blends Indian Values and Traditions into foreign customs while still preserving the heritage of their cherished ancestors.

Meet the Team

Bhavesh Chotaliya is young, talented and passionate man who is born and brought up in Mumbai. He a First Generation Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Sanskari Decor. He has served in Television and Bollywood industry for more than 10 years handling various Production Teams for Daily Soaps, Reality shows and movies in various capacities. He has also done modelling & short roles in movies and was featured in a few leading advertisements. 

With Sanskari Decor, his aim is to spread Indian traditional values, culture as well as architectural designs to every corner of the world. With his energetic and enthusiasm, he handles the complete execution of the project and the clients love to work with him for his transparency. 

Khushboo Chotaliya, wife of Bhavesh Chotaliya, is born and brought up in Mumbai. She has 8 years of corporate experience in various capacities. She started her journey as an Entrepreneur in 2018.

Khushboo also runs her eMagazine named “Weddings Vista'' which aims at promoting Early Adaptor Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals related to Wedding Industry. She also hosts her talk show on Youtube channel. In the last 3 years, she has done 150+ Video & text interviews.

Khushboo is also an Author of 2 books named "Weddings Vista - A Handbook for all the family members" & "Trailblazing Thoughts - 101 Motivational quotes of my Entrepreneurial Journey". Her books are available worldwide through Amazon

Khushboo's vision is to take Sanskari Decor to 150+ countries and also to build a community of 1 Million Wedding Industry Business owners across the globe.